It’s a New Year My Friends!

January 9, 2017

What a year 2016 has been. I got to photograph some sweet babies entering this world, adorable little kids, loving families, and fun High School Seniors. 2016 was definitely a year where I focused on self improvement. I told my family it was the year of ME. Was it really all about me? Hardly. However, as a mom, and business owner it is very easy to put yourself, and your needs on the back burner. I made an effort to make time for my needs. One of the things I focused on this past year was my health, another was finding my passion again for doing what I truly love, photography. I took two photography workshops last year that really inspired me, opened my eyes and my heart. I decided to throw out the “rules”, start to experiment, and photograph what makes my heart happy. I believe it has made me a better photographer. This year I have big hopes, and big dreams as I am sure we all do. I love starting fresh every year, creating a list of goals I plan to achieve. I make two lists, one for my business, and one for my every day life. Something on both my lists is focusing on real life, every day moments of my kids. I shared a lot of the photographs I took on my personal facebook last year, but not with all of you. I hope to share more of the real moments with you all this year.

Amanda Brayton Photography