Amanda Brayton Photography – Wife, Mother, & Photographer

April 25, 2012

Many of you probably don’t know me on a personal level, so I will tell you all a little about myself..

I love the color green, I love anything colorful really. However, if you see me I am usually wearing black, or grey. My favorite accessory is shoes! I have two children, Morgan, and Mabel, and a wonderful, and supportive husband, Dan. Without them I would not be a photographer today!

I am addicted to photography, and even if I wanted to quit I couldn’t haha. My style for photography is BOLDcolorful, heartfelt, deep & sincere. I love hazy sun flares. I love all things vintage, and I love props. I am outgoing, and love out of the box ideas for shoots. When I am out on the job I am not gaining clients, I’m gaining friends! I love getting to know all of you, and your families. I love children. They are so fun, and innocent. Capturing their big personalities is the greatest! I want people to look at their photos, and think.. “Yup! That’s my child!” lol. When photographing children, I love to run around, and play with them. I want parents to play with their kids, tickle, and laugh! Capture the love between your family, you & your groom to be, and so on. 

I have big hopes, and dreams for this photography business. I hope you all will follow my journey! 

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  1. Laurie Halverson says:

    Hi, My daughter has twin 5 month old twin girls. She has been talking about getting professional photos done of them and also of her and her husband with the girls. I was impressed with your philosophy and also how well you capture photos of children. I know my daughter would love your work. She lives in Oshkosh. Do you have a studio or is everything on site? I would love to buy a session and pkg. For a Christmas gift. If I did that what is your availability if they wanted to get in for a session right after Christmas holidays? Do you do Saturday sessions?

  2. Amanda Brayton says:

    Hi Laurie! Sorry I never got back to you until now. For some reason I get so many spam comments, and it makes it difficult to get to the actual comments to reply. My studio is located in Oshkosh on Market St. It’s open by appointment only. If you or your daughter are interested in booking a session please email me at