Amanda Brayton Photography – Wife, Mother, & Photographer

Many of you probably don’t know me on a personal level, so I will tell you all a little about myself..

I love the color green, I love anything colorful really. However, if you see me I am usually wearing black, or grey. My favorite accessory is shoes! I have two children, Morgan, and Mabel, and a wonderful, and supportive husband, Dan. Without them I would not be a photographer today!

I am addicted to photography, and even if I wanted to quit I couldn’t haha. My style for photography is BOLDcolorful, heartfelt, deep & sincere. I love hazy sun flares. I love all things vintage, and I love props. I am outgoing, and love out of the box ideas for shoots. When I am out on the job I am not gaining clients, I’m gaining friends! I love getting to know all of you, and your families. I love children. They are so fun, and innocent. Capturing their big personalities is the greatest! I want people to look at their photos, and think.. “Yup! That’s my child!” lol. When photographing children, I love to run around, and play with them. I want parents to play with their kids, tickle, and laugh! Capture the love between your family, you & your groom to be, and so on. 

I have big hopes, and dreams for this photography business. I hope you all will follow my journey! 

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